Purposeful Routines

The athletes of IJSA are becoming increasingly aware of how effort is a critical resource to utilize along their path to success. We look to highlight the use of purposeful routines as a way of balancing effort and recovery throughout a competition.

Effective routines allow an athlete to manage his or her effort and attention for specific periods of time. A pre-action routine encourages “turning the dial up” on effort and attention while a post-action routine allows the individual to consciously recover and recharge between bursts of action.

Regardless of sport, properly channeling our energy resources will directly impact our productivity. A constant drain of said energy will ultimately wear down the athlete, both mentally and physically, and deter the path to success.

IJSA encourages all athletes to please reach out to us for further information regarding individualized training to maximize the performance. We continue to pursue our mission with each student-athlete in mind: “to assist the long-term development of our student-athletes by creating a mindset of continuous improvement through preparation, competition, and self-evaluation that results in a community of excellence!”