For Partners: Start a Golf Column!


IJSA creates new blog/video posts on a weekly basis for both BGGA and IJGA. You may use these posts and images not only on your website, but on someone else’s online or print publication.

First, search out local, regional or national print or online publications who may be interested in a golf or golf performance training regular column.

We suggest you meet with the editor, show them samples of the type of blog posts/articles you could provide from either BGGA or IJGA or both. Tell them we offer not just educational but entertaining articles/posts and videos related to the junior golf world. Remind them that these are the top experts in junior golf in the world. Show them our Coaches Bios one pager. IJSA marketing department will help you write a brief overview for the column that explains who is writing the articles. We suggest you drive any inquiries directly to you, so either to your website or email/phone.

Every editor is looking for good quality content. In return for the regular posts/videos, ask for a full-page ad, and don’t settle for less than a half-page ad.

One of the most effective content formats is a third party site. Having a layer of authenticity behind the Academy posts or a video will invoke confidence and curiosity in potential student-athletes and their families. This added layer of authenticity provides credibility to the Academies and to you.

Blog content is still a dominant marketing tactic in 2017, whether that’s a listicle, blog post, article or other. Content supplements sales and supports the backbone of each Academy’s messaging. It’s an integral part of helping you market.

Best of luck! We are here to help you should you need us.

P.S. Please note IJSA marketing must approve both the publication and the brief overview.