Junior golf academies prepare athletes for success in college and beyond. And, to be a successful college athlete, you must first be a successful student. Our academies work with the finest academic providers to ensure that academics come first and are complemented with the finest sports training available.

Each of our schools is unique and offers the academic training needed to get into the college of your dreams. All are highly accredited institutions boasting 100% college placement and scholarship rates as high as 90%.

We offer both traditional high school experiences as well as options for more intensive academy-specific education.

The teenage years are amongst the most challenging in a person’s development. It is important that they get guidance in the following:

      • Character, including grit/determination, integrity, discipline, courage, overcoming failure, service to others, leadership etc.
      • Self-confidence and self-esteem to become independent individuals
      • Critical analysis and thought through academic education
      • Education dealing with hormonal changes

It is our responsibility to provide much of this, and prepare our students for the next step in their lives, normally college.

Golf is an ideal activity for character development.  It requires self-reliance and is challenging because of the perfection required. Golf involves failure and disappointment, and teaches resilience and tremendous discipline – even more than pure physical strength or fitness.  Consequently, IJSA has become an expert in developing these character qualities in our students for them to become champions on the course and off.

IJSA Golf Academies offer three college preparatory schools as well as online learning with Synchronous Education at Heritage Academy: