For Partners/Agents: Marketing Materials Available in Toolbox

IJSA’s marketing team is here to assist with your outreach and activation efforts to drive BGGA/IJGA/La Loma brand awareness. We have materials you can use in your strategic relationships with individuals, schools, clubs, federations and other ambassadors to drive enrollment in camp and academy programs at any of the IJSA Academy locations.

1. As an IJSA Agent, IJSA has provided you with access to a shared Dropbox which contains all the marketing materials plus digital copies of all Camp and Admissions guides. You may download and print them or email the link to the guide in the Dropbox to a prospect.

2. Agents may request flyers for specific events from IJSA marketing. If you need the flyer translated, please manage the translation and return a copy of the translated piece to IJSA marketing for approval before using the flyer. You may use your own contact information on these flyers.

3. Agents are encouraged to deliver seminars and presentations to various audiences of families, teams, coaches, schools, federations officials, etc.

– IJSA Marketing has provided you with a PowerPoint presentation to which you may add your own contact information.

4. Agents should demonstrate product knowledge about the Academies. To assist you in understanding each Academy, we created the following documents for each Academy:

– One pager with unique selling points
– Coaching team bios
– FAQs
– Flyers on each individual program within each Academy
– Location, transportation and directions

5. Agents often create barter arrangements with a regional golf magazine or a club’s newsletter, offering a golf column in return for a full page ad in the magazine/newsletter. To assist you with this type of relationship:

– IJSA marketing shares all new golf and performance related videos and articles with all Agents in the Dropbox.

– IJSA marketing creates a new blog post for each Academy each week. You will have two blog posts from which to use within a weekly column in a magazine/newsletter, to email to your customer list, or to use within your blog.

– A print ad to which you can include your contact information is located in the Agent Dropbox.

– The ad is a raw file so you can resize and add your contact info.
– All ads must be approved by IJSA Marketing prior to sending them to the magazine/publication.

– A digital banner ad to which you can include your contact information is located in the Agent Dropbox.

– Again, the ad is a raw file for you to resize and add contact info.
– All ads must be approved by IJSA Marketing prior to using them.

6. Additional materials in the Dropbox:

– Admissions forms for Academy semesters and Registration forms for Camp (year round and summer) registration.

– Approved logos.

– You may use the logos to create your own banners for events.
– Any other use of the logo must be approved by IJSA marketing.

– Brand guidelines. The brand guideline for each Academy include how Agents may represent the IJSA Academies, and procedures for approving any and all promotional materials you create.

7. IJSA Marketing will provide you with a social platform update quarterly so you can tap into it, share, etc. We can even give you an update on what content is coming.