Juggling Golf and Academics

Juggling golf and academics can be challenging. Check out the tips below for how to be a better student-athlete.

Set goals: You won’t know how to prepare your golf game if you don’t know the goals you want to accomplish. Don’t forget to set goals for your academics as well. This will help you make the most of your time at BGGA.

Stick to your routine: BGGA sets student schedules to balance academics, golf, fitness, etc. It’s up to the student to then manage their downtime between taking care of themselves, doing homework and having fun with friends. Sticking to a routine will keep you organized and help you to remember all the different areas with which you need to keep up.

Make academics a priority: To get into the college of your dreams, you’re going to have to have good grades and test scores. Universities look at much more than your golf scores.

Get at least eight hours of sleep a day: A lack of adequate sleep will cause you to lack energy and not be able to give your best to school or golf. If you stick to a routine, finding a way to get eight hours of sleep a night should be easy.

Eat a balanced diet: Don’t let what you’re putting in your body as fuel weigh you down. The food you take in has a definite impact on your energy level and ability to keep up with all that is required of you as a student-athlete. This also means not skipping meals.

Take advantage of travel time: Whether you’re flying or driving to your next golf tournament, take advantage of the down time during your travels. Use that time to keep up with your school work or prepare for SAT/ACT testing.

Use your coaches: BGGA coaches and staff will always be there for you. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions or get their guidance. They probably were in a similar situation to you when they were young. They also can hold you accountable for your goals and actions if you’re open and honest with them about your struggles and where you may need assistance.

Always give your all: It seems simple, but put in your best effort every day. Be ready to practice and play during the hours set aside for golf. You’re preparing yourself for college golf and beyond, so make the most of the time and attention you’re given at BGGA.


BGGA Launches Fitness Challenge

This semester BGGA students are participating in a Fitness Challenge, an initiative developed by fitness coaches Karen Harrison and Justin Smith. The goal of the Fitness Challenge is to bring out the competitiveness in the students and to reward effort, attitude and performance in the physical training setting.

The BGGA Fitness Challenge began in January and will continue through Spring Break. Each week there are numerous challenges with points awarded for each challenge. By the end of the designated time period, the top 10 students on the scoreboard will be rewarded with a unique outing.

“It’s interesting to see, now that we’re six weeks in, how the game is motivating some of students,” said Harrison. “There’s definitely been a difference in behavior. Many of our students are highly competitive!”

The fitness challenges vary and may be performance-based at an individual or group level or be based on improvement for a nominated task. For example, this week the challenge is for students to hold the longest front plank possible (with good form) – our record – Daniel Song with 7 mins 12 secs. The challenges have also related to attitude, effort and discipline and attendance. In choosing a variety of challenges we hoped to make it fair across the board, so everyone has a chance at doing well. The BGGA golf coaches have also been asked to participate, assisting with some of the challenges relating to discipline in practice.

“It’s been a lot of fun to come up with the challenges and watch the students competing,” said Harrison.

“Some students get excited about the challenges and you can hear them talking about them on the range before class,” said golf coach Nick Duffy.

We already have students asking if we’re going to be doing it again next year. While it is somewhat predictable to see certain students in the top 3 or 4 positions, the remainder of the top 10 places really are up for grabs – it’s anyone’s game. Consistency is the key.

The Fitness Challenge Scoreboard is updated weekly. We will keep you posted on the results!

Fitness Challenges: 

Week 1: Physical Competence Testing Results (based on our Fitness Reports) for Best Male and Female and Most Improved

Week 2: The “Quiet” game – Encouraging reflection while in fitness class and to quiet the chatter so that the students can focus on their task at hand.
Coach Challenge – Do you know your stretching focus?

Week 3: Improvement on the Mile Run
Coach Challenge – Do you know your stretching focus?

Week 4: Six exercise circuit performance challenge
Coach Challenge – Do you know your stretching focus?

Week 5: Essay on “what I have learned in fitness”
Best attitude in class – Focus and attitude
Tic Tac Toe Team Relay Game

Week 6: Holding a front plank for the longest possible time
Coach Challenge – Best attitude/focus during golf training