IJSA applies our experience in golf training, academics and personal development to set the standard for golf training and education. We are passionate about our students’ character development, and believe golf to be an ideal activity for such development.

Our students’ results prove that our training and educational system works, and IJSA academies have produced hundreds of high level collegiate and professional players. Our students range from grade 7 to grade 12, culminating in the U.S. High School Diploma.

Known as having the top tier educational opportunities in the U.S., IJSA academies have grown to be a known as the academies to attend if you want to play college golf in the U.S.  IJSA academies offer programs that are custom-fit and tailored specifically to your needs.

Our Boarding Academies include:

    • Three golf academies – Bishops Gate Golf Academy (BGGA) with campuses in Howey-in-the-Hills, FL and San Luis Potosi, Mexico; and the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) in Bluffton, SC.
    • Educational Discovery and Lifestyle Programs (at both IJGA and BGGA)
    • ESL summer camps (at BGGA)
    • Heritage Academy in Hilton Head, SC with its “synchronous learning” program

IJSA’s strategy combines deep industry expertise; the flexibility to support all stages of a students’ development; a long-term investment horizon; and fully aligned interests among our company management. With IJSA’s superior management team, we help families, education consultants and agents find the perfect fit for a student-athlete.

Our approach is bold, our thinking is outside-of-the-box and the same innovative spirit is applied to educating our students.

“There are three core strengths that separate IJSA – the experience of its people in golf and education, the innovation of the educational systems, and the ability to think beyond golf to address some of the most challenging issues in youth development today. Combined, these strengths give IJSA the capability to help develop and transform students to success on the course, in college placement and in life.”

Golf Schools and Academies seem common – thousands of them are scattered across the U.S. – but it has become an often chaotic cottage industry of small, one or two golf coach businesses with unregulated academics and no expertise in physical, mental or character development. Even academies run by stars of the sport are failing students as they don’t have the infrastructure to maintain quality of training in golf, fitness and mental conditioning, have lack of supervision for boarding students.

IJSA through BGGA, IJGA and BGGA La Loma, offers the promise of innovated education in a golf academy setting.

To keep tuition low, IJSA creates efficiencies in having dedicated high caliber teams centralize much of the operations of the academies and maintain standards.

To keep standards high, IJSA monitors the quality of teachers, educational performance, as well as golf and performance (physical, mental and personal development).

To fully explain the nuances of of choosing a golf academy requires asking the right questions. How can you ever truly get to the heart of what a golf academy is really offering to assist your child’s growth and development? We offer a list of 20 Questions to ask in your golf academy/boarding school search.